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Thoughtful yet romantic Dating Anniversary gift ideas

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It’s good to remember those special dates in our life precisely because they can be so easy to forget. Life has a habit of getting in the way, doesn’t it?!

The first time you met. At your mates BBQ, back when they were just ‘Sarah’s friend’ with the cheeky smile and the double-denim. Or the office crush you admired from afar til that third Prosecco at the Christmas party…

The first kiss! Ah, the first kiss…maybe it was old-school, a nervous peck at the front door after your first date? Or was it tongues and hands going everywhere like it was the slow-song at the high-school disco? (when, in fact, you were 32, it was half-nine on a Tuesday night at the local and you still cringe a little bit when you walk in the door…)

When you both ‘knew’… when they put a ring on it… or when you both said ‘I do’? Every love story has it’s own unique history, it’s own story, it’s own twists and turns.

As the years go by it can be harder to find that special romantic anniversary gift idea. Mostly because you have worked your way through the usual suspects! Chocolate doesn’t fit into the keto diet, the cat always chews the flowers and jewelry just gets stuffed in a box at the back of the knicker drawer.

Every once in a while it’s nice to push the boat out a bit. Say to them not just “I remember” but “Ahhh…Remember?”

So we have a few romantic yet thoughtful gift ideas here that’ll not only win you some brownie points (which never hurts!) but give you both something to celebrate and commemorate the journey that got you were you are today.

1. A scrapbook of your time together and special memories

You can root out the old photo albums and make a scrapbook that traces the dates and the moments most precious to you as a couple. Watch how the relationship evolves as the love grew and the years went by. Maybe make copies and put them in a digital picture frame, a lovely little rotating reminder above the mantelpiece every day. Or if you’re a whizz on the computers and you guys have been taking lots of videos over the years, a montage of clips together? You could have a timeless and precious memento to look back on together – maybe even add to?- as the years go by.

2. Recreate your special dates

Another idea is to have a night to recreate some of the special dates you shared before.

Go back to the place where you first met for a drink then onto a meal at the venue where you had your wedding reception. A picnic at the park where you had your first kiss.

A trip back in time to remember how it was back then and celebrate how far you’ve come. Reminisce. Have a giggle. Maybe even combine it with a bit of dress-up (I’m talking your old work uniform here, not French maid!!!)

This one, of course, might not be so doable if you live far away but it could also be a good excuse for a little trip if you really want to push that boat out!

3. A personalised gift that celebrates your anniversaries

Or why not have a keepsake made to capture your special dates? A little reminder that brings back with a glance and a smile the history and the happiness that makes your story unique and makes you You. A little nudge in the right direction next time you find life getting in the way again.

As luck would have it, we know just the place… check out our range

Pete Martin – A Gift of Happiness

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