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Valentine’s Day: 8 Unique DIY Gift Ideas For Your Loved One

This Valentines Day, A Gift of Happiness lists the top 8 DIY Gift ideas that would be perfect for your Valentine.

With Valentine’s Day just being around the corner, we understand it can be hard to find the perfect gift for that special someone.Which is why we wanted to give you some help by finding some of our favourite and unique Valentine’s Day DIY gifts that are perfect for your secret admirer.

Handmade Lavender Lip Balm

Guarantee your lips are kissing ready with an easy to make recipe by Sugar and charm. Of course you don’t want to finish your date with cracked lips, so make sure this Valentine’s Day you are ready for that special moment. With essential oils and Shea butter, you can make sure your Valentine’s lips are perfectly puckered up with this simple craft.

DIY Boombox Valentine’s

Their hearts will go boom boom boom after seeing this adorable DIY Boombox candy box by LemonThistle perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift. This 80s throwback speaks volumes to your Valentine and rock their world by printing your own music inspired message. What could be better than that? Candy of course! These boombox sleeves are perfect to hide your loved one’s favourite sweets. Just like the 80s, craft that perfect mixtape for that special someone this Valentines.

DIY Gift Boombox filled with Candy this Valentine's day

Heart paper flowers DIY Gift

As we get closer to Valentine’s Day, love is in the air and relationships begin to bloom. Which is why 3D paper heart flowers are the perfect craft that we can guarantee won’t wilt within a week. Happinesshomemade made some amazing DIY paper flowers perfect for centerpieces. They can also be great to have on your desk to remind you of your Valentine.

DIY Valentine's day Heart flower gift perfect for that special someone

If you don’t want to make your own papercut hearts this valentine’s day we have got you covered. Check out our stunning ‘memories mapped’ gift frame collection that will guarantee heart eyes for your valentine.

DIY Bath bombs

This Valentine’s Day make the stresses of everyday life melt away with these stunning (and amazing smelling) bath bomb recipes by Better Homes & Gardens. With four simple steps, you can give your loved one a spa day from the comfort of their own home. Add some candles and a big glass of wine and you have described the perfect evening. Using heart shaped molds, you can craft your own concoction of goodness that smells delightful.

Carved heart wood slice

Carving you and your partners initials into the side of the tree just like those romantic movies is the perfect gesture of love. But to save the tree from a bit of pain, we believe these sentimental heart shaped carved wood slices are an amazing DIY gift for Valentine’s Day.

This cute Valentine’s Day gift idea by AverageButInspired is a simply way to leave a lasting impact on their lives. But be careful, this DIY craft requires the use of wood burning tools and if not done properly can result in a burn. Ouch!

Chocolate Bouquets

Appeal to your sweet toothed sweetheart by making a bouquet of assorted chocolates this Valentine’s Day. Giving a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates are a pretty common way of displaying love as a Valentine’s Gift. So why not merge the two into one chocoholic sensation? Using some of your Valentine’s favourite chocolates, you can make a bouquet sweet enough to melt their hearts.

Valentine’s Day Heart Bookmark

Attention all partners of bookworms, this amazing idea by Hey, Let’s Make Stuff is the perfect way to display how much you love them. This little Valentine’s gift will leave a BIG impression on your special someone. By using their template, some card, glue, and a whole lot of love. This time you can hold a place in their heart AND their place in their book!

DIY Gift Heart Bookmark for Valentine's Day Gift

Bake your own Valentine’s Day goodies!

Generally baking isn’t everyone’s favourite hobby. It can be a great way to put love into your own creation and make some delicious goodies. Which is why Sally’s Baking Addition made our mouths water. Inspired by the candy sweethearts, this recipe is an edible delicacy that feels like passing a love note. Certainly, it is cheeky, playful… but simply delicious!

These are just a small collection of the truly unique ways to display your affection to your special someone this year. While it can be hard to find that perfect gift, sometimes just showing you care can mean the world to someone.

Still struggling with inspiration in a personalised way? Display your connection with the strength of a lion by choosing one of our Personalised Lion Portrait Playing Card Frame. Don’t let Valentine’s slip on by, show them how much you care. And finally, we want to say.

Happy Valentine’s Day,

Love from Caitlyn and the Gift of Happiness team (Your secret admirers)

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