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Did you know there are 7 types of Gift-Giver?

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There is a lot to love about giving gifts. It’s a fact of life that you can’t avoid…and why would you want to?!

Lots of people say that seeing a person’s face after giving them a gift as one of the best feelings in the world. You might shop for hours or spend lots of time DIY’ing personal gifts. Maybe you saw something that a special person would love a year ago and you’re excited about finally giving it to them. After all, gifts are one of the five love languages.

But it’s not a level playing field out here and sometimes the gift giver can come with a quirk. We compiled a list of the 7 types of gift-giver, confident that everyone has been one of them at some point. So…which one are you?

The Re-gifter

The fact is that 40% of people have re-gifted before. We’re not judging you, we’ve all done this at some point (haven’t we?) This type of gifter is often spotted within families and it gets particularly exciting if there are multiple. Cue awkward glances, eyebrow raises, and not-so-subtle questioning. Bonus points are available if you are re-gifted your own gift from the year before. Ouch.

The Cash Flasher

The cash flasher likes to spend, but more than that, they like other people to notice how much they’ve spent. Their gift is usually way over budget and it comes with a set of expectations on what you should have spent on them. The cash flasher can’t hide their disappointment when they open your gift, a lovely and thoughtful item that was bang on budget. What a monster you are.

The Sentimental

We all love a kind gesture that is from the heart. The sentimental takes this and multiplies the emotion by 1000%. They will get you a very sweet gift that evokes old memories that you didn’t know you had. There will be crying and reminiscing. Expect this gift to be wrapped in tear-stained paper and to be accompanied by a particularly flowery sonnet.

The Forgetter

Don’t take it personally, but someone will have forgotten your birthday at some point. I bet you’ve forgotten someone else’s though so there’s no need to cause a scene. A forgetter is typically quite easily identified. They will normally get you a gift card and an excuse, usually, one that involves the post office.

The Strings Attached

The strings attached has bought you a gift with an ulterior motive. It’s either so that they can use it themselves, (“I’ll be borrowing that!”), or so that they could relentlessly ask you about it, (“What are you wearing on Saturday? You should wear that dress I got you!”)

The Clueless

Okay, so they knew it was your birthday, but they have had nothing to do with the gift at any stage. Thinking of what to buy, finding it, and sometimes even paying for it. Often found in couples, the clueless’ awkward smile, and slight nod when you thank them for the present means only one thing. They absolutely didn’t buy it.

The Genuine

Finally, we arrive at the rarest gift giver. The genuine has found a gift that is perfect for you. They put an appropriate amount of sentiment into the gift, they can’t wait to see your reaction and they don’t overwhelm you with a huge amount of fanfare and pressure. A win all round!

So how do you become ‘the genuine’? It’s pretty easy with A Gift of Happiness! For the perfect blend of sentiment and sincerity, take a look at our Memories Mapped collection which features a range of bespoke gift frames that highlight those special moments.

Charlotte Di Placido – A Gift of Happiness

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