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1 Year Anniversary – Paper

Handmade & Personalised 1 Year Anniversary – Paper. Celebrate the first marital milestone with our bespoke selection of personalised gifts for 1st year anniversary.

Known traditionally as the paper anniversary, this special occasion reflects the strength and fragility of the early years of marriage, symbolised perfectly through paper. Offering a variety of paper wedding anniversary gifts that blend tradition with a personal touch.

Discover 1st year wedding anniversary gifts that are as unique and special as your love story. From custom playing card frames to personalised heart maps of where they said, “I do,” each item is designed to reflect the beauty and depth of the first year together. These paper anniversary gifts serve not only as a nod to tradition but as a timeless keepsake of your journey so far.

For husbands and wives, our selection includes thoughtful and romantic 1st year anniversary gifts tailored to each partner. Find the perfect 1st year anniversary gift for your husband, with options ranging from bespoke paper art that captures your shared memories. Similarly, our selection of anniversary paper gifts for her offers a gift that speaks directly to her heart.

Whether you’re in search of a 1st year anniversary gift that embraces the traditional paper theme or a modern twist on this classic concept, our selection promises to deliver gifts that are not only memorable but deeply meaningful. Embark on the second year of your journey together with a personalised gift that celebrates the love, laughter, and growth of the first.

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