With Father’s Day swiftly approaching, it’s time to embark on a thrilling journey to honour the remarkable dads in our lives. Here at A Gift of Happiness, we take pride in crafting unique and personalised treasures that bring joy and laughter to the hearts of loved ones. So, strap on your imagination hats and join us for a fun-filled and lighthearted exploration!

The Quest for the Perfect Father’s Day Gift: Unleash the Fun!

Ah, Father’s Day—a time to celebrate the superheroes who have embraced us with open arms and guided us through life’s whimsical twists and turns. But fret not, for we have just the treasure to make your dad’s heart leap with joy —the Best Dad Personalised Lion Playing Card 3D Gift Frame!

Picture the excitement on your dad’s face as he unwraps this extraordinary creation. A magnificent lion, the king of the jungle, proudly displayed on a personalised playing card, elegantly adorned with his name, and thoughtfully presented in a stunning gift frame. It’s a gift that perfectly encapsulates his adventurous spirit, showcases his strength, and reflects his love for a playful challenge.

The Magic of Handmade Personalisation: Crafted with Love and Care

Here at A Gift of Happiness, we believe in the power of personalisation. Our skilled artisans pour their passion and expertise into handcrafting each detail of the Best Dad Personalised Lion Playing Card 3D Gift Frame. With meticulous care, they bring this enchanting masterpiece to life, ensuring that it carries the warmth of your love and appreciation.

What makes this gift truly magical is the ability to customise the playing card with your dad’s name, making it a treasure uniquely his own. As he proudly displays this one-of-a-kind artwork, he’ll be reminded of the joyous moments shared with his family and the bonds that make life extraordinary.

A Roaring Surprise, a Heartfelt Gesture: The Perfect Father’s Day Tribute

Imagine the look of pure delight on your dad’s face as he beholds his personalised lion playing card frame. The sparkle in his eyes, the infectious smile that spreads across his face—it’s a moment that captures the true essence of Father’s Day. With the Best Dad Personalised Lion Playing Card 3D Gift Frame, you’re not just giving a gift, but a heartfelt tribute to the incredible man who has shaped your life.

As Father’s Day unfolds, this magnificent masterpiece will take pride of place, a symbol of your dad’s legendary spirit and the cherished memories you’ve created together. It becomes a conversation starter, a source of laughter and storytelling. Each time he glances at it, he’ll feel the depth of your love and appreciation.

Unlock the Magic of Father’s Day: Discover the Best Dad Personalised Lion Playing Card 3D Gift Frame

As our adventure draws to a close, we invite you to unlock the magic of Father’s Day by presenting your dad with the extraordinary Best Dad Personalised Lion Playing Card 3D Gift Frame from A Gift of Happiness. It’s a gift that celebrates his unique character, his love for fun, and his irreplaceable role in your life.

So, instead of venturing through mundane gift options, embark on a whimsical journey with A Gift of Happiness. Explore our delightful collection and choose the Best Dad Personalised Lion Playing Card 3D Gift Frame to make this Father’s Day a legendary celebration. With this heartfelt tribute, you’ll create an adventure filled with laughter, love, and cherished memories that will forever be etched in your dad’s heart.

Ah, the magic of a Royal Coronation is truly an enchanting affair! It is a momentous occasion that brings together the entire kingdom in a joyous celebration fit for a monarch. From the grand processions to the delectable feasts, every detail is meticulously crafted to create a day brimming with laughter, merriment, and lighthearted festivities. Join us as we delve into the whimsical world of King Charles III’s Coronation, where happiness reigns supreme and the spirit of celebration dances through the air!

A Royal Prelude: Setting the Stage for Spectacular Merriment

The kingdom buzzed with anticipation as the day of King Charles III’s Coronation drew near. The streets transformed into a vibrant tapestry of colors and excitement. From the bustling marketplaces to the regal palace, preparations were in full swing to make this event an unparalleled experience. Jugglers honed their skills, stilt walkers practiced their balance with determination, and jesters refined their comedic repertoire to entertain both esteemed guests and the adoring public.

The Crown Jewel: A Parade Fit for a King!

As the sun painted the sky in hues of gold, the city came alive with a dazzling procession. Picture this: the streets transformed into a stage, where the newly crowned King Charles III gracefully paraded through, spreading joy and goodwill with every wave and smile. But hold onto your hats (preferably with feathers), my friends! This was no ordinary parade! Horses adorned in imaginative costumes pranced along, their dance steps blending harmoniously with the jubilant melodies. Acrobats defied gravity with breathtaking feats, and mischievous street performers delighted onlookers with their playful antics, causing laughter to ripple through the crowds.

Joining the Festivities: Revel in the Whimsy of the Street Fair!

As the Coronation ceremony unfolded within the majestic palace walls, the celebrations cascaded onto the streets, inviting one and all to partake in the merriment. The city transformed into a vibrant street fair, a cornucopia of delectable treats and eccentric wonders. Oh, the aromas that tickled the nostrils! From sizzling street food that ignited taste buds with delight, to whimsical crafts that stirred the imagination, there was something to enthrall every visitor. And do not, my friends, miss the chance to savor a mouthwatering ‘King’s Delight’ ice cream sundae, a royal indulgence fit for the most discerning palates!

The Royal Feast: A Gastronomic Symphony Fit for Royalty

As the sun gently bid farewell, the grand banquet hall within the palace underwent a transformation of epic proportions. The tables glistened, adorned with golden cutlery, while sparkling chandeliers cast a soft glow, adding a touch of enchantment. Expert chefs from far and wide showcased their culinary mastery, tantalising the esteemed guests with a symphony of flavors. Amidst the opulence, King Charles III became the heart and soul of the festivities, sharing jokes and laughter with his subjects, fostering an atmosphere of warmth and unity.

Our Final Thoughts

So, as we bid farewell to this extraordinary event, let us carry the spirit of unity and celebration with us, knowing that within each of us lies the capacity to create moments of joy and to uplift those around us. Together, let us continue to write the story of our lives, one filled with laughter, unity, and a boundless pursuit of happiness.

Long live the king, long live the spirit of celebration, and long live the enduring power of unity!

Keeping on the Royal theme and with Father’s Day fast approaching, we present to you a truly regal and heartfelt gift: the Best Dad Personalised Lion Playing Card 3D Gift Frame from A Gift of Happiness. This exquisite and meticulously crafted piece embodies the spirit of both royalty and paternal love, making it the perfect way to honour and celebrate the king in your life, your beloved father.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to embark on a delightful adventure in search of the perfect way to celebrate the extraordinary mothers in our lives. Join us as we journey through a realm of heartfelt gifting, where love and creativity intertwine to create moments that will warm your mother’s heart. And fear not, for we have a delightful treasure in store for you—a handmade, personalised gift from A Gift of Happiness that will leave your mum feeling cherished and loved.

The Quest for the Perfect Gift: A Tale of Love and Thoughtfulness

As we venture forth in our quest for the ideal Mother’s Day gift, we proudly present a hidden gem from our own collection—the Scrabble Family Tree Personalised Gift Frame. This exquisite work of art captures the essence of family and the beauty of nature in a single frame. It serves as a heartfelt tribute to the love and connections that bind a family together.

The Magic of Personalisation: A Gift That Tells a Story

Let us delve deeper into the enchantment of the Family Tree Personalised Frame. Each carefully crafted detail whispers a tale of love, from the intricate branches that symbolise the strength of family bonds to the delicate leaves that represent each cherished member of the family tree. But the true magic lies in the personalisation.

With the touch of our skilled artisans, this gift becomes a true treasure. You have the power to choose the names of your loved ones, etched upon the branches of the tree. It’s a celebration of the unique individuals who make up your family, a reminder of the memories shared and the love that continues to grow with each passing day.

A Touch of Love, a Dash of Elegance: The Perfect Mother’s Day Surprise

Imagine the joy on your mother’s face as she unwraps this extraordinary gift. The sparkle in her eyes, the smile that lights up the room—it’s a moment that encapsulates the essence of Mother’s Day. With the Family Tree Personalised Frame, you present not just a physical object but a heartfelt expression of gratitude and love, a tribute to the woman who has nurtured and supported you through thick and thin.

As the festivities unfold, your mother will proudly display this masterpiece in a place of honour, for all to admire. It becomes a conversation starter, a testament to the love and bond that is unique to your family. And every time she gazes upon it, she will be reminded of the incredible impact she has had on your lives and the beauty of the family she has created.

Unlock the Magic of Mother’s Day: Discover the Family Tree Personalised Frame

Embrace the magic of Mother’s Day by presenting your mum with the extraordinary gift of the Scrabble Family Tree Personalised Gift Frame from A Gift of Happiness. It is a gift that captures the essence of family, the beauty of nature, and the boundless love that resides within your hearts.

So, wander no more through the labyrinth of gifting options. Instead, visit A Gift of Happiness and explore the enchanting world of personalised gifts. Choose the Family Tree Personalised Gift Frame, and let the magic of Mother’s Day come alive as you present your mum with a cherished symbol of love, appreciation, and the everlasting bond you share.

Thanksgiving is a time to come together and give thanks for all of the wonderful things we have in our lives. But let’s be honest, it can also be a pretty awkward holiday. From arguing with family members to eating too much turkey, we’ve all been there.

In honor of the upcoming holiday, we’ve been howling at online stories of Thanksgiving shenanigans. In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite funny Thanksgiving stories — from awkward encounters to hilarious mishaps — that will have you laughing out loud.

From burned Turkey, to drive-through dinners, here are some of our favorite Thanksgiving stories from The Gift of Happiness team.

The year we had to eat Thanksgiving dinner at McDonald’s

Twas the night before Thanksgiving and I was in charge of making the dinner. I was fresh out of college and had never cooked a turkey before, but I was confident that I could do it. My family was counting on me to make a delicious Thanksgiving meal, and I was sure I could deliver a feast to be remembered.

I followed the instructions from Martha Stewart herself to a T… or so I thought. I spent hours stuffing, trussing and preparing the turkey and all the trimmings. But when it came time to put the turkey in the oven, I accidentally turned on the broiler instead of the oven! Soon the whole kitchen was filled with smoke and the alarm went off.

My family came running into the kitchen to see what was going on just as I pulled the scorched (and still raw) turkey from the oven. I was so disappointed that the turkey was burnt.

The side dishes were no better. The mashed potatoes were lumpy, the green beans were also burnt, and the cranberry sauce was stuck to the bottom of the pan. And don’t even get me started on the pumpkin pie.

Defeated, dad piled us all into the car and on Thanksgiving day, we went to the McDonald’s drive-thru. It wasn’t the traditional Thanksgiving meal that we were used to, but as we were eating our Happy Meals we all started to laugh until we had tears streaming down our faces.

I never cooked Thanksgiving dinner again.

The year my boss came to Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends and awkward moments with the boss.

For some, the holiday season is all about spending time with loved ones and reflecting on what we’re thankful for. But for others, it’s a great opportunity to boost your standing with your boss.

Last year, I invited my boss and his wife to spend Thanksgiving with my family. I was gunning for a promotion and was determined to make a good impression. I had the whole family dress smartly, and had spoken with the kids about how to behave when my boss and his wife arrived.

The whole meal had gone off without a hitch. The conversation and the good times had been flowing with ease, and I was sure that we had made a lasting impression on my boss.

After dinner, my boss left the table to visit the bathroom. My wife was bringing the pumpkin pie into the dining room when our son began to cry. She placed the pie down on the chair beside her, and we both tried to calm our son down.

My boss came back into the room as the commotion with my son was calming down. Without looking, he sat back down on his chair at the table and we heard a large squelch. My boss looked shocked, and the color drained from my wife’s face as she realized where she had left the pumpkin pie.

My boss had sat in the pumpkin pie! After the surprise, we all laughed. I let my boss borrow a pair of my pants and we finished the evening.

I am not sure if we left a good impression on my boss, but I am sure he left a large impression on our poor pumpkin pie.

The year we all received the same gift.

One year our grandma decided to give us all the same gift – an ugly sweater that she had knitted herself. As we opened our gifts from grandma, we all tried to be polite and grateful, but it was clear that none of us were thrilled with the gift.

Grandma had started to knit a few months before, so none of the sweaters fit us properly, and the arms were in weird places. Seriously, no one is shaped like that!

She had tried to knit a turkey on the front of my brother’s sweater, but instead of looking cute and festive, the turkey looked like something out of a horror movie.

At first, we were all a little disappointed. But as we started to put them on, we realized that they were actually kind of fun. And when we saw how happy grandma was, and as we laughed and joked with each other, we knew that this was the best Thanksgiving gift we could have ever received.

The sweaters quickly became a running joke within the family. Every year we would buy each other a new ugly sweater to wear and we would compete to see who could find the best one.

So thank you, grandma, for making our favorite Thanksgiving tradition. We’ll always cherish our ugly sweaters – and the memories that go along with them.

Finding the Perfect Thanksgiving Gift 2022

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we’re all thinking about what to get our loved ones. We want to find a gift that’s thoughtful and personal but also something they’ll actually enjoy. And we know that ugly sweaters aren’t for everyone!

Why not treat your family to our top Thanksgiving gift pick: the Lion Family Portrait Personalised Playing Cards Gift Frame.

A family portrait is a wonderful way to remember the people who mean so much to you, and this personalized playing card gift frame makes for a great keepsake.

Our Final Thoughts

These funny Thanksgiving mishaps show us that even though things may not always go as planned, we can still laugh, enjoy ourselves, and be grateful for what we do have. And, at the end of the day, isn’t that what Thanksgiving is all about?

Remember to laugh at yourself this Thanksgiving, be grateful for what you have, and give generously to others. And if all else fails, just remember that there’s always next year.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The spookiest season of the year is here!

With October already upon us, many of your minds will be turning to Halloween 2022.

There’s something extra special about those crisp Autumn days, leaves changing colours and that frosty sparkle on the ground in the run up to Halloween, and we embrace every bit of it.

From cosy sweaters to keep out the chill to…erm… decorating Halloween trees?!

Hold on, what?

That’s right, for some people, Halloween means decorating a super spooky tree, complete with spider’s web tinsel and pumpkin lights. Who knew?

Well, this year, we’re all about embracing the unconventional and making Halloween 2022 the year we started a new Halloween tradition.

So grab your gingerbread latte, slip into those fluffy slippers and light your fall-scented candle to choose which of our four unusual Halloween traditions your household can embrace for Halloween 2022.

Photo credit: www.lavenderandlovage.com

Snack on a Soul Cake!

Does a soul cake sound spooky enough?

One old-fashioned tradition we like is the giving and eating of soul cakes. Well, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like cake?

Dating back to Mediaeval times, a soul cake is a sweet, round cake with raisins and spices. Traditionally, on All Saints’ Day – or All Souls’ Day – a soul cake was given to ‘soulers’ who came knocking on the door to sing songs and pray for the souls of the dead. Kind of like a Halloween carol service!

The traditional recipe includes seasonal spices, such as nutmeg and cinnamon, and can be adapted to add delicious chunks of fruit, such as orange. You could even add a dash of alcohol to the recipe or add delicious extras like chocolate chips to make the recipe your own.

In the past, the cakes had a cross scored into them as a reference to Christianity. Nowadays, a soul cake could have icing skeletons on them, or be baked into the shape of a pumpkin. The possibilities are endless!

This tradition isn’t practised often anymore, but in Portugal, the Phillipines and in some parts of England you can still find soul cakes for sale in bakery windows.

If baking a soul cake has taken your fancy, you can find a scrummy, seasonal recipe here.

Photo credit: www.countryliving.com

Decorate your Halloween Tree

Can’t wait to get tree-decorating? Why not put up a Halloween Tree!

Have you seen the pictures?

With over 50,000 tags on Instagram for the hashtag #halloweentree, this unusual tradition is definitely insta-photo worthy and has a place in the influencer crowd!

Putting up a frosty Christmas tree, then decorating it with ghoulish baubles and some terrifying tinsel, is a guaranteed way to make your home ready for the season.

Double down on the seasonal decorations: just add a festive scented candle, an autumn wreath and some fairy lights for a magical living room, perfect for those long, autumn evenings snuggled on the sofa.

This one is my personal favourite: who doesn’t love cosying under a blanket in a room surrounded by candlelight?! And with a Halloween Tree in the corner, any living room can be easily decorated for the spookiest season.

Ready to get decorating? Dig out your Christmas tree early this year, and why not craft your own Halloween decorations? You can find awesome tree-decorating ideas on Pinterest here.

Dine with the Dead

There’s no way of escaping it, Halloween is all about the dead. Traditions from all over the world at this time of year are based around honouring and remembering those who have gone before you.

From Dia de los muertos in Mexico, to Ognissanti in Italy, the legend has it that this time of year is when the veil between the living world and the dead is thinnest. Our departed family members and loved ones take this opportunity to jump over and join us for one evening of the year.

Many cultures celebrate this occasion with a meal. In Mexico, families set the table filled with marigolds, photos of the dead and their dead loved ones’ favourite things, such as a cosy sweater or a well-loved book.

Then, they eat a feast of all the favourite foods of the dead, and leave an empty chair at the table to welcome the departed back for their family meal.

What a great way to remember your family members! A table full of shared laughter and special memories, with people taking turns to honour and remember great times with our dearly departed.

We think this is a lovely tradition, and not actually as spooky as it first sounds!

Want to read more on how Mexicans celebrate Dia de los muertos? Read more about this unique celebration here.

Give a Halloween Gift

Can’t wait till Christmas?

A perfect way to celebrate halloween and combine all of these traditions is by giving your family and friends Halloween gifts.

Gifts have been common in celebrations of Halloween for many years. Like trick or treating, or even ‘souling’, Halloween costumes are rewarded with something special and adults and kids alike share and receive gifts.

If you’re throwing a Halloween party in 2022, why not add an extra special detail to your guests, by creating Halloween gift bags! Similar to a party favour, a Halloween gift bag is like a grown-up game of trick or treat.

Stuffed with surprises, from jokes to sweets, fancy dress items to thoughtful additions, a Halloween gift bag is guaranteed to make your party memorable.

Having a family-oriented Halloween celebration?

Halloween, or All Saints Day, is the day for remembering your family members, and spending time with your nearest and dearest. Remember the occasion by giving a family tree gift frame – the perfect way to celebrate your family and decorate your Halloween feast.

Our Final Thoughts

We LOVE Halloween at A Gift of Happiness – and not just because we get to party!

We love the traditions, the costumes, the decorations and the sweets. We love the cosy, long nights, the crisp autumn leaves and making pumpkin pies. Most of all, we love the way that Halloween is a celebration that you can make your own.

No matter where you are from, celebrating Halloween comes down to remembering lost friends and family members, and sharing the love around your community. We think that’s beautiful.

So, whether you’re celebrating this year with a spooky soul cake, decorating a Halloween Tree or dining with the dead (and the living!), we send you our best wishes for the spookiest season of them all.

Happy Halloween!


When February 14th rolls around each year, the air is filled with romance across the country. From picnics in the park to expensive candlelit dinners, you are able to spot date nights everywhere.

In fact, British people spend a whopping £261 million on flower bouquets at this time of the year, and around 145 million cards are sent. That’s a lot of love!

However, with thousands of options for gifts on the most romantic day of the year, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Fear not! A Gift of Happiness is here to help with our guide to the perfect gifts in 2022…

For the romantic

What’s the first gift that comes to mind when you think of Valentine’s Day?… I bet you said flowers, chocolates, or jewellery. Although they do remain the most popular gifts to give on this day, (and for good reason!), there are many other choices that differ from the norm.

  • Handmade scrapbook – gather those sentimental bits and bobs and get crafty! You can use cinema trip tickets, concert tickets, or anything that reminds you of that special someone
  • Dry fragrance kit – grab some potpourri, reed diffusers, and candles to make your SO a kit of their favourite fragrance. Perfect for a pamper evening with a relaxing hot bath!
  • Post-it note treasure hunt – add some sentiment with a treasure hunt of post-it notes. Include your favourite memories and provide clues to the next note, either in your home or in a location that’s special to you!
  • And from our own catalogue…our Playing Card Gift Frames are a beautiful addition to your home, as well as serving the perfect level of sentimentality and romance. Swoon!

For the practical

Whatever you enjoy doing as a couple, there’s probably a gadget that can make it even better. Something that you can use together is a great gift on Valentine’s Day, as it is practical whilst being able to add that extra special something when you’re spending time together.

  • Bluetooth speaker – a must-have gadget for the home. Ideal for the kitchen to listen to while you both cook or maybe even for your home office if you co-work!
  • Pizza oven – a pizza oven is a perfect gift for those who like to cook and entertain friends and family. There are many other accessories for this gift too, so it’s perfect to add extra ideas to birthday or Christmas lists
  • Wine purifier – a purifier is a great way to restore the natural flavours and remove the sulphites of your favourite wines. A must-have for wine aficionados!

For the adventurous

More regularly topping the lists of best presents to buy your significant other over the last few years, have been experiences. From holidays abroad to cabin retreats and unique days-out, there are many options to make that Valentine’s Day gift special, and a little bit different!

  • Virgin Experience Days – valid for 9 months from purchase, Virgin Experiences offer a wide range of days out from theatre trips to days spent driving around racetracks!
  • Airbnb – an increasingly popular way of booking short mini-breaks in the UK and further afield. Don’t forget to check out Airbnb Experiences for local activities when you go away
  • Viator Experiences – working in conjunction with Trip Advisor, Viator offers thousands of experiences in cities across the world so you can add that perfect excursion to your next holiday!
  • And from our own catalogue…our Memories Mapped Gift Frames are perfect to commemorate highlights after your travels! With our beautiful location heart feature, you can pinpoint exactly where you were when you had your special moments!

For the foodie

Do you like fancy dinners at top restaurants or is a cosy night in with a takeaway more your deal? There are many options for you to treat your special someone to a fabulous meal, and make it romantic too!

  • Breakfast in bed – whether a fry-up is on the cards or a light breakfast is more their thing, being served breakfast in bed has got to be one of the best ways to wake up!
  • Tasting menus – a perfect way to try different dishes on a set menu is a tasting menu. These can be found at restaurants across the country and are a fabulous addition to an evening out without needing to break the bank
  • Takeaway dice – not sure what to have for your takeaway? This dice will show you the way! The perfect little gift for the indecisive food lover

Hopefully, you’ve got a better idea of what you will buy for Valentine’s Day! If you’re still searching, our gift collection includes a range of beautiful, handcrafted items that will make the ideal present for that special someone. Find out more about us and take a look at our range today for even more ideas!

Charlotte Di Placido – A Gift of Happiness

From dolls with a passion for fashion to handheld digital pets, the wide landscape of toys is ever-evolving.

Looking back on the toys of our childhoods, (or the toys we’ve been running around trying to find our own kids), are they simply just nostalgic, or have any of them actually stood the test of time?

We take a look at some of the best-selling Christmas toys and find out. Take a trip down memory lane with the list below and see how many you can remember…

Buzz Lightyear – 1995

It’s unsurprising that a toy introduced as “the coolest toy ever” in the Disney/Pixar franchise Toy Story, became one of the most sought-after gifts in 1995. The 12” tall action figure came with karate-chop action, high-pressure space wings, a retractable helmet, voice simulator, and wrist communicator.

Buzz has since been revamped and re-released several times alongside each new movie instalment. He is also the Disney store’s best-selling toy of all time so take that, Woody.

Bratz Dolls – 2001

The original Bratz Dolls, Jade, Cloe, Yasmin, and Sasha, were released in 2001 and were touted as having “a passion for fashion.” Each doll came with snap-on accessories and mix and match separates, giving them all a unique style.

Bratz Dolls were seen as Barbie’s cool younger sister with their loud make-up and even louder outfits. Desire, an Instagram-based artist, has said that “the fact they released a black doll on their first launch and it wasn’t added in a later date means we weren’t an afterthought.

Tamagotchi – 1997

What were you doing if you didn’t have a Tamagotchi?! A handheld digital pet, Tamagotchi’s needed cleaning, feeding, and playing with, however, if they were neglected they would die.

In the original version, the pet would die within half a day if it wasn’t attended to, leading to people taking their Tamagotchis wherever they went. Schools even started banning them as they became too distracting. In the years since, a phenomenon called “the Tamagotchi effect” began, which is the development of emotional attachment with machines or robots.

Hot Wheels – 1968

Hot Wheels were born in 1968 and were brought to life by Mattel co-founder Elliot Handler when he challenged his design team to create a toy car that was cooler and performed better than anything else on the market.

A dedicated team works on the creation of fantasy custom cars to the most recent models and as a result, Hot Wheels will always have a special place in the hearts of kids today as well as those of generations past.

Furby – 1998

Released in 1998 by Tiger Electronics, the Furby became the must-have toy of the late 90s. Heavily inspired by the Tamagotchi, the Furby’s three creators, David Hampton, Caleb Chung and Richard C. Levy set about creating an electronic toy that you could physically pet, and by the end of the toy’s first three years, 40 million Furbies had been sold.

The similarity between Furbies and loveable Gizmo from the Gremlins movies also resulted in the release of the limited edition Gizmo Furby, proving a real treat for movie fans.

Cabbage Patch Kids – 1982

Cabbage Patch Kids dolls are a line of cloth dolls first produced by Coleco Industries in 1982 and it was claimed that each Cabbage Patch Kids doll was unique. They had different head molds, eye shapes and colours, hairstyles and colours as well as multiple clothing options. Each doll came with a “birth certificate” strengthening their individuality.

You can even go visit the Babyland General Hospital and see the birth of a doll, as well as thousands of Cabbage Patch Kids dolls.

Gameboy – 1989

The original Gameboy, released in 1989, was an 8-bit handheld console that supported interchangeable cartridges, although its screen could only display games in four shades of grey.

The most notable launch game was Super Mario Land but since then the console has seen the likes of Tetris, Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, and Donkey Kong. Now a vintage classic, the Gameboy will remain a staple of 90s nostalgia.

Barbie – 1958

Barbie officially debuted on March 9th, 1959 at the American International Toy Fair in New York City as a creation of Mattel co-founder Ruth Handler. Barbara Millicent Roberts, or Barbie, was the first mass-produced toy doll in the US with adult features.

In 2020, a range of new inclusive dolls was released that featured dolls with no hair, prosthetic legs, and vitiligo, with the aim that all children could find a doll that speaks to them.

Barbie has had over 200 careers including an astronaut, a doctor, and a rock star and she has run for president seven times. She is a true icon of our time.

Rubik’s Cube – 1974

The Rubik’s cube is a 3D combination puzzle game invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and architecture professor Erno Rubik, who initially wasn’t even sure it could be solved.

Mathematicians have calculated that there are 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 ways to arrange the squares of the puzzle but only one of them is correct. The cube has been studied and played with for decades and remains a popular gift for all ages.

The current record for the fastest solve of the cube is an incredible 3.47 seconds by speedcuber Yusheng Du.

Lego – 1932

Lego originally started in Denmark as a carpenter that made wooden toys, stepladders, and ironing boards. Two years later the business took the name of Lego, which came from the Danish words “LEg GOdt”, meaning “play well.”

From 1964, people could buy full Lego sets which included all the parts and assembly instructions to build specific models. Later on, Lego introduced themes lines like space, western, pirates, and Harry Potter.

In 2000, The British Association of Toy Retailers named the Lego brick the “Toy of the Century” and as of 2018, Lego has sold 75 billion of its bricks across 140 countries. It’s safe to say that Lego has definitely stood the test of time.

So there you have it, 10 of the top best-selling Christmas toys of all time. I’m sure, for many of you, there will be a toy or two in there which will have left you feeling a sense of nostalgia.

Still looking for a timeless gift to give this Christmas? Our gift collection includes a range of beautiful, handcrafted items that will make the ideal present for that special someone. Find out more about us and take a look at our range today for ideas!

Charlotte Di Placido – A Gift of Happiness

With Halloween coming up, I started salivating at the thought of all the sweets I could ‘borrow’ from my younger relatives- but started to wonder about the morality of the ‘candy tax’.

Not wanting to be a sweety tyrant, I started googling to see if anyone else was thinking the same way I was.

Nedra McDaniel from the Adventure Mom Blog is firmly Team Tax, stating that it’s the best way to teach your kids the valuable life lesson of doing their taxes.

McDaniel describes the Candy Tax as:

“…part of my commission for assisting in their candy abundance and also out of parental concern for their teeth, I issued the candy tax.

I tell my kids that I’m concerned about their potential for cavities, but the reality is that I also enjoy skimming their candy piles in hopes of a few Take 5 Candy Bars and Reese Cups.”

So, is it okay to take some of their sweets as a lesson in fiscal savviness- and as an excuse to save them from cavities? Personally, I think so. They’re little, they can’t eat reams and reams of sweets- and all that sugar is bad for their health!

Kelly Phillips, a writer for Forbes, does not take a tax from her kids. I read her article (a few times) and, in all honesty, could not make much sense of it. I am not a financially savvy person and all the tax talk in her post was lost on me. Her main reasons are as follows:

  1. The United States doesn’t have a flat tax. That 33% candy tax? That’s a flat tax.
  2. For the most part, income is income. All candy, however, is not the same.
  3. Seizing the candy means your kids aren’t getting the benefit of any deductions (or credits).
  4. Trick or treating isn’t actual work.
  5. Timing is everything. Collecting the candy tax immediately teaches the wrong message.

So, with all of this in consideration, I decided to compile my own list of why I think taking a candy tax from children is okay.

  1. The United States doesn’t have a flat tax. That 33% candy tax? That’s a flat tax.
  2. For the most part, income is income. All candy, however, is not the same.
  3. Seizing the candy means your kids aren’t getting the benefit of any deductions (or credits).
  4. Trick or treating isn’t actual work.
  5. Timing is everything. Collecting the candy tax immediately teaches the wrong message.

So, whether you’re Team Tax or not, have a happy, safe Halloween however you choose to spend it!

Taylor Jones – A Gift of Happiness

There is a lot to love about giving gifts. It’s a fact of life that you can’t avoid…and why would you want to?!

Lots of people say that seeing a person’s face after giving them a gift as one of the best feelings in the world. You might shop for hours or spend lots of time DIY’ing personal gifts. Maybe you saw something that a special person would love a year ago and you’re excited about finally giving it to them. After all, gifts are one of the five love languages.

But it’s not a level playing field out here and sometimes the gift giver can come with a quirk. We compiled a list of the 7 types of gift-giver, confident that everyone has been one of them at some point. So…which one are you?

The Re-gifter

The fact is that 40% of people have re-gifted before. We’re not judging you, we’ve all done this at some point (haven’t we?) This type of gifter is often spotted within families and it gets particularly exciting if there are multiple. Cue awkward glances, eyebrow raises, and not-so-subtle questioning. Bonus points are available if you are re-gifted your own gift from the year before. Ouch.

The Cash Flasher

The cash flasher likes to spend, but more than that, they like other people to notice how much they’ve spent. Their gift is usually way over budget and it comes with a set of expectations on what you should have spent on them. The cash flasher can’t hide their disappointment when they open your gift, a lovely and thoughtful item that was bang on budget. What a monster you are.

The Sentimental

We all love a kind gesture that is from the heart. The sentimental takes this and multiplies the emotion by 1000%. They will get you a very sweet gift that evokes old memories that you didn’t know you had. There will be crying and reminiscing. Expect this gift to be wrapped in tear-stained paper and to be accompanied by a particularly flowery sonnet.

The Forgetter

Don’t take it personally, but someone will have forgotten your birthday at some point. I bet you’ve forgotten someone else’s though so there’s no need to cause a scene. A forgetter is typically quite easily identified. They will normally get you a gift card and an excuse, usually, one that involves the post office.

The Strings Attached

The strings attached has bought you a gift with an ulterior motive. It’s either so that they can use it themselves, (“I’ll be borrowing that!”), or so that they could relentlessly ask you about it, (“What are you wearing on Saturday? You should wear that dress I got you!”)

The Clueless

Okay, so they knew it was your birthday, but they have had nothing to do with the gift at any stage. Thinking of what to buy, finding it, and sometimes even paying for it. Often found in couples, the clueless’ awkward smile, and slight nod when you thank them for the present means only one thing. They absolutely didn’t buy it.

The Genuine

Finally, we arrive at the rarest gift giver. The genuine has found a gift that is perfect for you. They put an appropriate amount of sentiment into the gift, they can’t wait to see your reaction and they don’t overwhelm you with a huge amount of fanfare and pressure. A win all round!

So how do you become ‘the genuine’? It’s pretty easy with A Gift of Happiness! For the perfect blend of sentiment and sincerity, take a look at our Memories Mapped collection which features a range of bespoke gift frames that highlight those special moments.

Charlotte Di Placido – A Gift of Happiness